Altme and TezID partner to provide seamless on-chain DeFi compliance on Tezos

published on 22 June 2023

Today, Altme and TezID are pleased to announce the launch of the first decentralized onchain KYC/AML and DeFi compliance solution for Tezos users, dApps and DeFi platforms 🎉

This collaboration introduces a new era of seamless and privacy-preserving compliance within the Tezos ecosystem.


Introducing DeFi compliance verification via TezID

Altme, one of the leading providers of decentralized identity solutions, has joined forces with TezID, the leading identity oracle on the Tezos blockchain, to introduce a seamless onchain DeFi compliance status verification for Tezos dApps. 

With the Altme DID wallet, users can take back control over their personal data by leveraging the new verfiable credentials standard. But sometimes it can be very useful to leverage those verifiable credentials onchain, so that dapps and smart contracts can verify them easily. This is where TezID comes in. 

Altme and TezID ingeniously combines Decentralized Identity (DID) and onchain whitelisting to help Tezos dApps remain regulation compliant, while protecting their users privacy. 

How to get started ?

1. Download the Altme wallet: Altme is a non-custodial self-sovereign identity wallet that gives users complete ownership and control over their personal data.

2. Follow a one-time KYC verification: Within the Altme wallet, users can complete a KYC process and obtain several “verifiable credentials” such as proof of identity, age, and regulatory compliance. 

3. Join the TezID’s whitelist: After obtaining their credentials in Altme, users can join the TezID's whitelists and prove their Tezos address compliance by simply scanning a QR code:

Once its done, Tezos dApps can instantly monitor users' DeFi compliance status onchain, ensuring adherence to various regulations such as KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Decentralized and 100% FREE onchain compliance

Altme's KYC process is supported by Docaposte, one of the most reliable KYC provider for remote ID verifications in Europe. 

We are proud to offer this service completely FREE for both Tezos users and dApps, as part of our commitment to democratizing decentralized identity and compliance verification within the Tezos ecosystem. 

Altme and TezID aim to make compliance accessible to all Tezos users and dApps, empowering them to engage in a wide range of activities securely and conveniently.

We are extremely happy to introduce with TezID one of the first decentralized on-chain regulation compliance solutions built on decentralized identity standards."

Hugo MIR, CMO of Altme

Start shaping the future of on-chain compliant DeFi and Gaming on Tezos

Take part in shaping the future of identity and compliance on Tezos by visiting Altme and TezID

We are proud to be at the forefront of decentralized web3 compliance, and to set a new standard for seamless privacy-preserving identity verification on Tezos.

Together, let's unlock the full potential of self-sovereign identity on the Tezos blockchain and revolutionize the way decentralized privacy-preserving compliance is achieved.

Here is the documentation to leverage the TezID whitelists for your dApp:

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