Self-Sovereign Identity for Web3

Just like a physical wallet in which you carry your ID cards and funds, you can use Altme to gather digital identity data and digital assets (NFTs, cryptos...)

Altme, Self-Sovereign Identity for Web 3

Bullet-Proof Security and Privacy

Altme is self-custodial which means only you can access your keys, data and assets. Not us. Not anyone else.

  • Ssi
    Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)
  • Biometric
    Biometric Identification
  • Encryption
    Military Grade Encryption

Secure your digital identity and protect your privacy

  • Use your data safely big

    Keep your personal data (ID card, Diploma...) encrypted and under your control at all times.

  • Use your data property big

    Prove things about yourself to access websites and services, without revealing your data.

  • Use your data safely2 big

    Make your digital credentials re-usable and share it in 1 click for KYC, age verification, etc. 

  • Data section

Manage your digital assets and NFT collections easily

  • Nft section
  • Store crypto big

    Securely store all your digital assets, digital collectibles and NFT collections.

  • Manage tezos big

    Create and import as many accounts as you'd like (soon other blockchains will be supported).

  • Non custodial big

    Altme is self-custody. You are in full control of your data. We can not access your funds or assets.

Discover exclusive offers from top Web 3 apps

  • Get rewarded big
    Discover great offers

    Altme is building a network of Apps and Games to get you the best offers in Web 3. 

  • Best deal big
    Let the best deals come to you

    Membership card, Loyalty card... Everything you need to enjoy Web 3 !

  • Voucher big
    Get Tezotopia Membership card now

    The Membership card will give you access to 25% cash back on purchases during 1 year. 

  • Discover home

How to activate your TEZOTOPIA Membership card in 3 steps ?

  • Scan
    Download Altme Universal Wallet on Apple Store / Google Play.
  • Add
    Add the TEZOTOPIA Membership card to your TEZOS Account in one click.
  • Play
    Play with your favorite Tezos Wallet (Temple, Kukai...) and receive cashback.

Download Altme Wallet now !

Our Partners and Clients

We are working with awesome partners and institutions to build the future of Decentralize ID in Web 3.

Altme and Talao are in the news !

Altme Wallet is built on Talao's Self Sovereign Identity technology

Usine digital

Orange, Atos, Suez et La Poste participent à la création de l'Alliance Blockchain France

Plusieurs grands industriels français, des universités et des start-up du secteur de la blockchain se sont réunis en consortium pour faire avancer un projet d'infrastructure blockchain ...


Talao, the New Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet, Gives Consumers Total Control over Their Information

Today, Talao, a blockchain-based Digital Identity specialist, and the developer of the first French smartphone wallet for Self-Sovereign Identity ...

Siecle digital

Une vingtaine d’entreprises et d’universités créent l’Alliance Blockchain France

Grâce à l'Alliance Blockchain France, notre pays pourra, à l’instar de ses pairs européens, disposer d’un réseau blockchain soutenu par de grands industriels, universitaires, start-ups ...


Cocorico : Les grandes entreprises tricolores lancent Alliance Blockchain France

Une nouvelle alliance est née ! Plusieurs grands groupes industriels français, des universités, des entreprises et des start-ups, baignant dans le secteur de la blockchain de près ou de loin ...

Compellio logo (vertical black)

Compellio’s DLT Gateway offers new SSI capabilities with Talao’s wallet

Compellio augments the traceability and notarisation capabilities of its DLT Gateway with new SSI functionality brought by using Talao’s open-sourced wallet ...


New Talao app gives users control over digital ID

The new Talao wallet enables EU citizens to self-manage their digital identities, without depending on third-party providers ...

Development Roadmap for 2023

We are working hard to build a decentralize future for your data. Here are some future developments.

  • Next level

    New Credentials

    Adding new digital credentials to supercharge your Web3 experience.

  • Multi-Chain World

    New blockchains compatibility (Ethereum...) for a multi-chain future.

  • More Web3 Advantages

    Working to give you access to more exclusive advantages (Membership cards, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Self-Sovereign Identity

    Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is an approach to digital identity that gives individuals full control over their digital identity. SSI addresses the difficulty of establishing trust in an interaction by reducing the inadvertent sharing of users' personal data. In an SSI system, holders generate and control unique identifiers called Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

  • Verifiable Credentials

    Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations (VC/VP) are an open standard for digital claims. They can represent information such as a passport or license, as well as new things that have no physical equivalent, such as ownership of a bank account. They have many advantages, including the fact that they are digitally signed, making them tamper-proof and instantly verifiable.

  • Blockchain Technology

    A blockchain is a type of Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) that consists of a growing list of records, called blocks, that are securely linked using cryptography. Ethereum, Tezos, Solana are popular examples of blockchains smart contracts network. Everyone is allowed to connect to these blockchain and transact on it.

  • Issuers

    The role played by an entity in asserting claims on one or more subjects, creating a verifiable credential from those claims, and transmitting the verifiable credential to a holder. Examples of issuers include corporations, not-for-profit organizations, trade associations, governments and individuals.

  • Verifiable Identifiers

    Verifiable IDs (VC) are an open standard for digital IDs. They can represent information such as a passport or license, as well as new things that have no physical equivalent, such as ownership of a bank account. They have many advantages, including the fact that they are digitally signed, making them tamper-proof and instantly verifiable.

  • Decentralized IDs

    As conceptualized and standardized by the W3C, Decentralized IGentifierl, or DID, are one of the three pillars of self-sovereign identity. They are cryptographically verifiable and do not need a centralized registration authority. They can be used to identify people, organizations, companies, connected objects,...

  • Tezos Blockchain

    Tezos is an open-source platform tackling key barriers to blockchain adoption for assets and applications supported by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. By design, Tezos encompasses long-term scalability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract security.

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