ALTME new release : Pushing the boundaries of the DID wallet landscape

updated on 10 April 2024

At ALTME, we continuously strive to revolutionize the digital identity landscape. And today, we are thrilled to announce the release of the updated versions of our decentralized identity wallets, tailored for both production and prototype projects.

👉 Explore the redefined experience and innovative features at ALTME


Setting the Benchmark for Digital Identity Wallets

Our commitment lies in establishing the gold standard for digital identity wallets, positioning ALTME as the go-to solution for Secure Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) projects. Our multi-ecosystem approach and user-oriented solutions underscore our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital identity space.

Unfolding Key Enhancements  👀

1. Enhanced OIDC4VC Protocol Support

  • “Deferred Endpoint” in OIDC4VCI : Now retrieve credentials in deferred time, with pending credentials conspicuously highlighted on the wallet main page.

  • Credential Identifiers in OIDC4VCI : Leverage the newly added functionality allowing the issuance of several Verifiable Credentials (VCs) of the same type, meeting diverse project needs.

  • OIDC4VP with Presentation Exchange 2.0 : Cater to complex use case scenarios with enhanced criteria combination capabilities.

  • Boosted Security with 6-Digit User PIN in OIDC4VCI : Elevate the security of the pre-authorization code flow, ensuring robust protection for users.

2. New standards support

  • We are fully equipped with support for the DIF wallet rendering and OIDC4VC profiles for EBSI-V3, GAIA-X, ensuring wide-ranging compatibility and functionality.

3. Innovative Universal Resolver

  • Introducing a dedicated Universal Resolver for TALAO and ALTME wallets, enhancing performance with extensive did type support including did:key, did:ebsi, did:ion, did:hedera, did:tz, did:web, did:polygonID, and more.

4. Docaposte ID360 platform integration

  • Proud to integrate with the Docaposte ID360 platform, offering support for La Poste IN for seamless issuance of ID cards as verifiable credentials.

5. PolygonID SDK integration

  • Stay ahead with our support for the latest release of the PolygonID SDK for JSON-LD ZKP verifiable credentials.

👉 Remain at the boundaries of the DID wallets landscape

Work with us and be a part of the movement that is setting new paradigms in digital identity management. With ALTME, experience not just a product, but a commitment to innovation, security, and improved user experience.

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