ALTME integrates ID360, giving Web3 users and projects access to robust Verifiable IDs

updated on 10 April 2024
Altme integrates ID360 Docaposte
Altme integrates ID360 Docaposte

ALTME has integrated ID360, Docaposte's pioneering remote identity verification platform, into its decentralized identity (DID) wallet. This integration will enable users to verify their identities, following a strong KYC process, and help projects reduce fraud and improve regulation compliance. 

Docaposte's ID360 is one of the most trusted remote identity verification platforms available. It serves as the digital counterpart to in-person identity checks, helping to create a more secure and trustworthy digital landscape.

By integrating ID360 into its DID wallet, ALTME enables users to verify their identities and obtain their identity data in the Verifiable Credentials (VC) format. VCs are tamper-proof digital proofs that attest to a user's identity. Unlike traditional identity documents, VCs are cryptographically secured and can be verified instantly, making them ideal for use in the decentralized world of Web3.

This integration will help to foster trust among Web3 user bases while maintaining regulatory compliance with European laws and requirements around GDPR, KYC, AML, MiCA/TFR, and others.


Empowering users with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) 🔐

ALTME is committed to empowering users with SSI, a new paradigm for digital identity that gives users ownership and control over their personal data. With SSI, users can decide who has access to their data and for how long. They can also reuse their VCs to access different Web3 services without having to verify their identity each time.

The integration of ID360 into Altme wallet empowers users with SSI in the following ways :

  • Ownership of their personal data: Altme users truly own their data, which is cryptographically secured and tamper-proof.
  • Privacy-preserving digital identity management: Users can decide who can access their data and for how long.
  • Reusability of Verifiable Credentials for seamless identity management: Users get verified only once and can reuse their Verifiable Credentials to access different Web3 services.
  • Instant verification for seamless identity verification: Verifiable Credentials can be verified instantly, making it easier and faster for users to access Web3 services.

Overall, the integration of ID360 into Altme wallet empowers users with a number of valuable benefits, including the ability to own and control their personal data, protect their privacy, and access Web3 services more easily and seamlessly.

Control your data with ALTME
Control your data with ALTME

Bringing regulation compliance in Web3: A new era for Apps and dApps ✅

The integration of ID360 into Altme wallet benefits Web3 projects and businesses in a number of ways:

  • Attract more users by demonstrating a commitment to user data security and privacy: Altme's decentralized identity wallet gives Web3 projects and businesses a key marketing advantage by enabling them to show users that they are taking steps to protect their data. This is important because users want to know that their data is safe and secure, and they are more likely to adopt Web3 projects that use Altme's wallet.
  • Streamline the user onboarding process: Altme's wallet can be used to verify users' identities instantly, thanks to the tamper-proof, reusable, and instantly verifiable nature of verifiable credentials. This drastically simplifies the user onboarding process, which can help businesses to attract and retain more users.
  • Reduce fraud and improve regulation compliance: Web3 businesses can use Altme's wallet to verify users' identities with robust, regulation-compliant verifiable credentials. This helps businesses to reduce fraud and improve compliance with regulations such as KYC and AML.

Overall, the integration of ID360 into Altme wallet provides Web3 projects and businesses with a number of valuable benefits, including the ability to attract more users, streamline the user onboarding process, and reduce fraud and improve regulation compliance (See Polygon Zero Knowledge Credential, Tezos DeFi compliance or BNB Chain DeFi compliance).

Verify users easily
Verify users easily

The future of Decentralized Identity verification and the EUDI wallet 🇪🇺

Decentralized identity verification has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the online world. By giving users ownership and control over their own data, decentralized identity verification can make the internet a more secure and privacy-preserving place.

ALTME's vision is to make SSI the standard for digital identity in Web3. By integrating ID360 into Altme wallet, ALTME is making it easier for both Web3 businesses and users to adopt SSI. This is a significant step towards a future where users have control over their own data and privacy, and where Web3 is more secure and trustworthy for everyone.

ALTME’s vision is fully aligned with the future of SSI in Europe, which will be realized by the upcoming adoption of the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI Wallet). The EUDI Wallet, which is based on the eIDAS 2.0 regulation and the ARF technical framework, will give European citizens even better control over their data and improve online trust in identity verification.

👉 Join us in building a a more secure and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem.

ALTME 1st Crypto DID wallet in Web3
ALTME 1st Crypto DID wallet in Web3

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