Tezos users: It’s time to add an identity to your favorite crypto wallet !

published on 27 June 2023

Today, we are thrilled to announce that all Tezos users can now add an identity to their favorite Tezos wallets, in just a few clicks ! 

Whether you are using Temple, Kukai, Trust wallet, Naan, Umami, Airgap, Autonomy, or any other Tezos wallet, this feature is designed to give you the ability to manage your decentralized identity seamlessly: https://talao.co/altme-identity

Add an identity on any wallet
Add an identity on any wallet

What is this new feature ? 

With just a few clicks, you can now seamlessly benefit from decentralized identity and add it to your favorite Tezos wallet to prove anything about yourself in web3. 

No more cumbersome processes or complicated setups. Altme streamlines the integration, making it accessible to all Tezos enthusiasts, regardless of their technical expertise.

Imagine a world where you have complete ownership over your identity, where you can prove instantly anything about yourself in the digital world, in just a few clicks : your ID, your age, your nationality, your humanity, your regulation compliance...

Altme brings this vision to life. It’s time to unlock the true power of decentralized identity in the Tezos ecosystem ! 

What is Altme wallet ?

Altme DID Wallet is an open-source, non-custodial, multi-chain wallet that allows you to manage your digital assets (coins, NFTs) while also handling your digital identity.

Altme wallet leverages the Decentralized Identity standard (DID), also known as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), which empowers you to manage your digital identity in a decentralized, secure, and privacy-preserving way.

What is Decentralized Identity (DID) ?

Decentralized identity is like a set of reusable digital proofs that only you control. It enables you to prove various aspects about yourself in the digital world, such as your ID, your age, your humanity, your regulation compliance, your education credential, and much more!

Think of it as an advanced digital passport in your pocket—highly secured, reusable, easy to share, fraud-proof, instantly verifiable, and solely under your control. 

What can you do with this new feature ?

With this new feature, you can securely prove anything about your identity in the digital world to access any service you want with your favorite wallet. Whether it's accessing age-restricted platforms, regulated CeFi / DeFi protocols (for KYC, AML, MiCA compliance…), proving your humanity to access a bot-free environment, and much more.

Here are a few concrete examples:

  • Want to access an age-restricted service ? With Altme, it’s easy to prove your age.
  • Want to access a bot-free or AI-free environment? You can use Altme to prove your humanity.
  • Want to showcase your compliance with regulations such as KYC or Anti-Money Laundering (AML) ? With Altme, you can do exactly that, in just a few clicks.

Ready to step into the future? 

All you need to do is pair your favorite Tezos wallet on Altme's landing page, and voila! You will then be able to add a "Proof of ownership" credential in your Altme wallet, proving you own a tezos address managed in another wallet. 

Once it’s done, you will be able to associate all digital proofs available in Altme: Proof of ID, Proof of age, Proof of humanity, and much more to your favorite tezos wallet. 

A new era in the Tezos ecosystem

We believe in empowering our users with control over their digital identities and are extremely happy to contribute to a trustworthy Tezos ecosystem with this new product release.

Decentralized Identity is key to give everyone true ownership over their data. Start now and take back control over your digital identity: https://altme.io

The Altme wallet is free to use and available for download on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 

A concrete example : The Chainborn Membership card

To help you understand the pairing process better, here is a short video example showcasing how you can link Altme's Chainborn membership card, to any Tezos wallet in just a few clicks. 

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