Altme and PolygonID make Zero Knowledge Proof credentials available to all

published on 12 July 2023


Imagine a world where you have total ownership over your digital identity and where you can prove anything about yourself with just a few clicks: your ID, your age, your humanity, your regulatory compliance... This is exactly what we are building!

Today, we are extremely happy to announce our collaboration with PolygonID to empower Polygon users with full control over their digital identities, enabling them to access a wide range of Web3 services without compromising their personal information.

Let's dive in and explore this new collaboration 👇

Altme wallet x PolygonID collaboration
Altme wallet x PolygonID collaboration

Altme: A Self-Sovereign Identity Wallet

The Altme Wallet is what we call a "Decentralized Identity (DID) wallet", also known as a "Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) wallet". This new generation of crypto wallet gives users the ability to have full control over their personal data and identity, ensuring privacy and security.

You might ask, what is Decentralized Identity? It's like a set of reusable digital proofs, called "verifiable credentials", that only you control. By using these digital credentials, you can prove anything about yourself (ID, KYC, Age, Humanity, Regulatory compliance...) while retaining full control over your data.

Think of it as an advanced digital passport in your pocket—highly secure, reusable, easy to share, fraud-proof, instantly verifiable, and under your sole control.

A wallet focused on core Web3 principles and features

At Altme, we focus on delivering the essential features that users want:

  • Open-source: We believe in transparency, so anyone can review the Altme wallet's code.

  • Non-custodial: The Altme wallet is self-sovereign, meaning only you control your keys, coins, and data.

  • Self-Sovereign Identity: Take control of your personal data by claiming, storing, and sharing reusable, fraud-proof, and instantly verifiable credentials.

  • Multi-chain: Manage coins, tokens, and NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, BNB Chain, Fantom, and more to come!

  • Easy wallet pairing: Seamlessly connect to dApps via standards like Wallet Connect or Beacon and explore Web3.

Unlock the power of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) credentials with PolygonID

And here comes the big news! By leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Cryptography, PolygonID allows users to prove specific aspects of their identity without revealing any personal information.

As this "ZK" thing may seem complicated, let's take a concrete example to ensure everyone understands: Imagine you want to prove you are over 21 years old without revealing your birth date. This is precisely what you can do with PolygonID!

And this amazing technology is now integrated into the Altme wallet! In other words, Polygon users can now claim and manage their ZK credentials directly in their Altme wallet, enabling private interactions with smart contracts and Web3 dApps...

👉 Check out the demo video here:

Here is a list of Web3 use cases around Decentralized Identity and ZK credentials

The use cases are limitless! Here are a few examples:

  1. Sybil resistance: As a Web3 project, you can now seamlessly ensure the liveness and uniqueness of users for token launch initiatives, airdrops, or improved GameFi experiences. 

  2. Age verification: Web3 builders that need to remain regulation compliant can now allow their users to prove their age to access regulated or age-restricted content or services (betting platforms, gaming platforms, and trading protocols...).

  3. Fair gameplay: By allowing Web3 games to verify players' humanity, it is now possible to eliminate bots and AI from participating, offering a significant improvement in terms of user experience (UX) !

  4. Fair airdrops and rewards: Altme wallet and PolygonID enable fair and transparent token distributions by verifying participants as real humans, preventing bots and duplicate users from participating.

  5. Authenticity of NFT projects: It is now possible to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital art pieces and NFTs by easily associating them with the creator's or owner's identity, reducing fraud and enhancing trust.

  6. Community role-based access: Users can easily share proof of membership, or any other custom verifiable credential related to their identity to benefit from a customized Web3 experience.

  7. Regulation compliance: Web3 platforms can now allow their users to be KYC/AML regulation compliant by sharing a "DeFi compliance" verifiable credential. 

How to get your first verifiable credential in Altme?

To obtain your first reusable verifiable credential, such as a proof of ID, a proof of age, and more, you need to undergo a robust verification process.

For example, if you want to claim your verifiable ID in the Altme wallet, which is equivalent to your ID card, you will need to pass a one-time KYC process.

To celebrate this collaboration with PolygonID, we offer FREE KYC verification in the Altme wallet for everyone! Yes, you read it right, Free KYC for all 🥳 

Once you are verified, you can claim your Verifiable ID credential, which is re-usable, fraud-proof, easy to share and instantly verifiable. Get it now by downloading the Altme wallet :

Altme offers free KYC to all
Altme offers free KYC to all

Verifiable Credentials and Zero-Knowledge Proofs: The future of identity in Web3

As a W3C open standard, verifiable credentials offer amazing advantages for building a trustworthy and secure digital environment. Here's why:

  1. User-controlled: Verifiable credentials are owned and controlled by the users. Web3 is about ownership of digital assets. It's time to do the same for our data and identity!

  2. Reusable: Verifiable credentials are reusable. No need to verify your identity (KYC, age...) multiple times. Just do it once and share your verifiable credential anytime.

  3. Instantly verifiable: Verifiable credentials are cryptographically signed and cannot be tampered with, making them fraud-proof and instantly verifiable.

And when you combine Verifiable Credentials with Zero-Knowledge tech, you get the icing on the cake! With ZK credentials, not only do you control your data, but you can prove anything without disclosing your personal information!

The good news is, these new PolygonID ZK credentials can benefit everyone! Indeed, the Altme wallet is open-source, which means even Web3 platform builders, such as dApps, DeFi, GameFi, DAOs, can now build upon the Altme wallet to give their users the ability to manage and share their digital identity and ZK credentials in an easy-to-use wallet.

"This is more than a partnership; it's the joining of forces to revolutionize digital identity in the Web3 space. By integrating PolygonID's innovative Zero-Knowledge technology into the Altme wallet, we are empowering users with unprecedented control and privacy over their digital identities. We're not just shaping the future of data security and privacy, but truly transforming the way individuals interact with the digital world."

Hugo MIR - Chief Marketing Officer at ALTME


This collaboration between Altme and PolygonID ushers in a new era of data security, trust, and privacy in the Polygon ecosystem, opening up endless possibilities in finance, gaming, NFT projects, DAOs and more! 

By combining the power of Altme's Decentralized Identity management with PolygonID's privacy-preserving Zero-Knowledge cryptography, anyone can now access a wide range of Web3 services while maintaining full control and privacy over their personal data.

Experience the power of the Altme wallet today and get your first ZK credential by downloading Altme (available on iOS and Android Google Play stores) :

About Altme

The ALTME wallet is your gateway to Decentralized Identity (DID). Altme is an open-source, non-custodial wallet available on iOS and Android, and it is free to use. With Altme, users can take ownership of and manage their identity and personal data. They can also manage their coins and NFTs, as well as sign into apps to explore the Web3 ecosystem.

About Polygon ID

Polygon ID is a set of identity infrastructure that gives developers the power to build secure and trusted relationships between users and apps, following the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI) and supported by privacy features.

Polygon ID enables trust issuers to connect with trust verifiers via verifiable credentials and SDKs created for each member of the SSI ecosystem. Individuals receive and store verifiable credentials in a personal wallet, and use zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs to privately verify the statements made about them. This enables anyone to securely interact with both off-chain applications as well as smart contracts without necessarily revealing personal information.

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