Verify users identity and data off-chain 🥷

Give users the ability to prove their identity in 1 click

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Altme identity crypto wallet web3 blockchain crypto self sovereign non custodial off chain
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    1. Invite users to download the
    free Altme wallet app on
    iOS or Android.
  • Altme wallet business verify users crypto verifiable credentials web3 self sovereign identity  decentralized identity digital identity user verified
    2. Altme verifies users identity once and
    issue cryptographically signed proofs, reusable and easy-to share.
  • Altme wallet identity web3 crypto blockchain decentralized self sovereign did   offchain verification
    3. Users share their verified data
    off-chain in 1 click via a QR code
    or link whenever needed.

Be regulation compliant by design

By using Altme, users manage their digital identity and data themselves (= GDPR compliant by design)

  • Altme identity crypto wallet web3 blockchain crypto self sovereign non custodial off chain
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    Give users what they want

    Altme empowers users with privacy-preserving online identity and consent-based data sharing :

    • Altme is 100% self-sovereign (= non custodial wallet)

    • Leverages the Decentralized Identity standard (W3C )

    • Enables reusable data and easy sharing (proof of age, KYC...)

    • Privacy-preserving and GDPR compliant by design 🇪🇺

    • Open-source and audited code

Unlock instant user verification

With Altme, users only need to verify their data once and can share their verified data anytime

  • Verify user identity

    • Proof of identity (KYC)
    • Proof of age (Over 18...)
    • Proof of residency
    • Proof of e-mail / phone
  • Verify any useful data

    • Anti-Money Laundering
    • Proof of humanity
    • Social account ownership
    • Crypto account ownership
  • Verify custom data

    • Financial self-assessment
    • Membership card
    • Loyalty card
    • VIP pass

Altme is blockchain agnostic 🚀

Altme works with all ecosystems (more to come)

Access unlimited user verifications starting at just $99 /month

Why businesses choose Atlme

With Altme, digital ID verifications are easy and secure. Altme is built on the future of digital identity, leveraging the Decentralized Identity standard (W3C).

  • Accelerate customers onboarding 🥇

    Verifiable credentials are reusable, reducing repetitive verification procedures and streamling user onboarding. 

  • Unlock instant verifications ✅

    Verifiable credentials are cryptographically signed and instantly verifiable, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Remain regulation compliant 🇪🇺

    Meet regulatory requirements leveraging built-in KYC/AML compliance checks, and GDPR compliance.

  • Reduce verification costs 🔍

    Save operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by eliminating manual document verification.

  • Reduce Fraud and forgery 🪪

    Eliminate forgeries and reduce fraud by requiring tamper-proof and instantly verifiable data.

  • Provide passwordless authentication 🎯

    Establish trust and verify user authenticity instantly without third-party services.

  • Give users what they want 🤩

    With Altme, users own their data, ensuring privacy, and minimizing data breach risks.

Access reliable user data

Our professional partners provide highly reliable data

  • Laposte docaposte altme wallet business verify users crypto verifiable credentials web3 self sovereign identity  decentralized identity digital identity

    Robust identity verifications

    Docaposte ID360 is the ideal solution for verifying users' identities in Altme. They're certified and compliant with the eIDAS standard by ANSSI, ensuring maximum security and reliability. 

    They have already performed over 1 million identity checks, attesting to their expertise and effectiveness.

  • Altme   pep sanctions tools

    Reliable sanctions list verification

    Our partner PepChecker offers a comprehensive and up to data check of 6 international sanctions lists, including the United Nations, European Union, US Treasury Department, UK Ministry of Finance, Switzerland SECO, and Australian sanctions.

    The sanctions list are updated every day.

  • Yoti altme wallet business verify users crypto verifiable credentials web3 self sovereign identity  decentralized identity digital identity

    Seamless age estimation

    YOTI is the perfect solution for seamless age estimation in Altme. Their cutting-edge technology can accurately estimate age from a selfie.

    Yoti is approved by the UK Age Check Certification Scheme and German regulators KJM / FSM, making it easy to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Ebsi european blockchain altme wallet business verify users crypto verifiable credentials web3 self sovereign identity  decentralized identity digital identity

    Verifiable diploma in Europe

    EBSI provides reliable verifiable credentials (diploma, identity...) in Europe. Altme is conformant with EBSI's requirements and is already allowing students to get their e-diploma !

    EBSI is built upon : W3C DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, OpenID, GDPR, eIDAS and other EU Regulations.

Verify users data everywhere

Verify users data off-chain wherever you need it...

  • Altme identity user verification decentralized privacy

    On any website / mobile

    Businesses can leverage Altme to seamlessly request and verify users' data on any website or mobile platform. 

    By simply scanning a QR code or using a deep link on their smartphones, users can securely provide their information for verification. 

    Altme's decentralized identity solution ensures the privacy and security of user data.

  • Altme discord identity user verification decentralized privacy

    On discord channels

    Altme offers businesses the ability to verify user information on Discord, enabling enhanced access control and security within Discord channels. 

    Businesses can ensure that users meet specific requirements before granting them access to certain Discord channels. Whether it's verifying user age, liveness (anti-bot), membership, or other relevant criteria, Altme provides a reliable and efficient solution.

Remain regulation compliant 🇪🇺 🇫🇷

Altme is conformant with GDPR and PEP sanctions lists

Want to start verifying users
for your business ?

Explore uses cases in Web3

From KYC compliance and age verification to proof of humanity and beyond, Altme delivers what you need.

Altme is perfect for CeFi businesses in Web3, such as exchanges and tokenization platforms, looking to enhance user onboarding, establish trust, and maintain compliance.

Main Benefits :

  • Faster onboarding with reusable KYC
  • Frictionless verification flow with instant verification
  • Regulatory compliance with GDPR, MiCA, AML, OFAC...

Ideal for :

  • Centralized finance platforms - CeFi
  • Borrowing and lending platforms
  • Trading and tokenization (RWA)

Altme simplifies the investor journey in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Security Token Offerings (STO), from wallet creation and ID verification to token distribution.

Main Benefits :

  • Seamless investors expereicne : All-in-one crypto wallet 
  • Built-in KYC verification and compliance
  • Investors identity tied to crypto address onwership

Ideal for :

  • Web3 private sales 
  • ICO and STO operations
  • Blockchain-based fundraising projects

Altme ensures trust, compliance, and fair gameplay in gaming platforms by offering age, KYC, and robust anti-bot / anti-AI verifications. 

Main Benefits :

  • Improve user onboarding (re-usable proof of age, KYC…)
  • Prevent in-game cheating and Sybil attacks
  • Ensure players are real people : eliminate bots / AI
  • Streamlined compliance with age restrictions...

Ideal for :

  • Gaming platforms focusing on secure and fair gameplay
  • Entertainement platforms

Altme enhances trust and compliance in web3 betting platforms by facilitating verifications and ensuring a secure and transparent betting environment.

Main Benefits :

  • Streamline onboarding and verification flow
  • Compliance and Regulation: KYC, AML....
  • Reliable link between a user ID and a crypto address

Ideal for :

  • Web3 betting platforms and sportsbooks
  • Gambling and betting platforms
  • Platforms seeking to build trust 

Altme enhances user acquisition, engagement, and retention in web3 by enabling the exchange of exclusive advantages for verified user data.

Main Benefits :

  • Improved user acquisition, engagement, and loyalty
  • Enhanced understanding of user base and demographics
  • Streamlined compliance with data privacy regulations

Ideal for :

  • Entertainment, games and metaverses platforms
  • Applications looking for user insights
  • Platforms looking to enhance user engagement 

Altme provides efficient and robust player verification, supporting the integrity, fairness, and credibility of the web3 esports industry.

Main Benefits :

  • Robust player verification for competitive events
  • Elimination of bots and AI from participating
  • Reduce legal risk for e-sports events

Ideal for :

  • Esports platforms
  • Competitive gaming events
  • Organizers of esports tournaments

Altme enables seamless portability of in-game identities, skills, and achievements across web3 games and metaverses, unlocking new gaming experiences.

Main Benefits :

  • Bosst user engagement across platforms
  • Enhance interoperability within the gaming ecosystem
  • Unlock novel and personalized gaming experience

Ideal for :

  • Web3 games
  • Cross-metaverse worlds
  • Entertainment platforms seeking new user experiences

Didn't find the specific use case you have in mind on this list? We've got you covered!

We are open to exploring new use cases and are committed to helping any business integrate decentralized identity into their project.

With the growing landscape of decentralized identity, new use cases and opportunities emerge every day!

We are self-sovereign and decentralized identity experts. Contact us, and our team will be delighted to assist you. You will be in good hands with us!

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