Get your Tezos Student NFT

As a European graduate, you have the chance to mint a unique NFT to access exclusive advantages within the Tezos ecosystem.

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Rewarding European graduates with a unique NFT Collection

  • Award svgrepo com
    Honoring Academic Achievements

    This NFT Collection is a tribute to your academic success and has been created to reward graduate students !

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    Exclusive Proof of Graduation

    Each NFT serves as a proof of your graduation and gives you access to exclusive benefits and advantages in the Tezos ecosystem.

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    A precious limited edition

    This collection is dedicated to European graduates only (EBSI ecosystem).

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Unlocking a world of advantages

A growing number of projects on Tezos want to offer special advantages to the owners of this collection

  • Safe money svgrepo com
    Cashbacks and Discounts

    Enjoy unique discounts and / or receive cashback in the Tezos ecosystem.

  • Creativity svgrepo com
    Exclusive NFT Drops

    As an NFT holder, you might be eligible for exclusive NFT drops. 

  • Timer svgrepo com
    Early ACCESS

    Be at the forefront with early access to events, features, and opportunities.

  • Multi select svgrepo com

    Unlock doors to exclusive experiences in the Tezos ecosystem !

  • Career growth svgrepo com
    Pioneer Status

    Being a pioneer can lead to special recognition and opportunities.

How to get your NFT in 3 steps

  • Altme nft ebsi diploma tezos student europe graduate verifiable credential download app
    Download the Altme Universal Wallet on Apple Store / Google Play
  • Altme nft ebsi diploma tezos student europe graduate verifiable credential university
    Claim your diploma credential and share it to prove you are graduated
  • Altme nft ebsi diploma tezos student europe graduate verifiable credential
    Obtain your unique NFT with your favorite Tezos wallet

The roadmap

As the Tezos Student NFT collection continues to grow and flourish, so too will the opportunities available to NFT holders.

  • Working on it 🔥

    New universities

    Our goal is to connect with an ever-growing number of universities and schools across Europe.

  • Soon 💎

    New benefits on Tezos

    We're collaborating with a growing number of Tezos projects to bring exclusive benefits for our NFT holders.

Get your student NFT now

Looking for a wallet to manage your diploma and NFTs ?

The Altme wallet is the perfect wallet 👇

  • Altme wallet ebsi student nft diploma credential verifiable
  • Mobile features svgrepo com
    Manage your verifiable credentials

    Manage and secure all your verifiable credentials, such as your diploma, in one place. 

  • Nft picture svgrepo com
    Manage your digital assets and NFTs

    Manage all your digital assets and NFT collections in one place easily.

  • Safe password svgrepo com
    Your keys, your data, your assets

    Altme wallet is self-custodial. Only you can access your keys, personal data and digital assets.

Altme is already in the news 📣

The Altme wallet is getting traction in the media

Altme wallet - Decentralized Identity - Self-Sovereign Identity Le journal du Coin - Identite numerique - EBSI - Blockchain - Verifiable credential

The Altme Wallet: Your digital identity in your pocket 📱

Decentralized Identity: A revolutionary technology that empowers users to regain control over their private data...

Altme wallet decentralized identity   self sovereign identity   cointelegraph   identite numerique   ebsi   blockchain   verifiable credential web3

ALTME announces its compliance with the EBSI 🇪🇺

Altme, one of the pioneers in decentralized identity solutions, has just announced its compliance with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI).

Altme wallet   decentralized identity   self sovereign identity   cointribune   identite numerique   ebsi   blockchain   verifiable credential   web3

Altme: The crypto wallet that allows you to manage your digital identity 🪪.

Web3 actors can now offer their users a secure identity solution that empowers them to take control of their data...

Xtz news 1

Altme Is Now Conformant With The European Blockchain EBSI

Altme, a leading provider of Self-Sovereign Identity solutions (also known as Decentralized Identity), announces its conformity with the European Blockchain EBSI

Altme wallet   siecle digital   verifiable credentials  web3   self sovereign identity   decentralized identity   ebsi   ssi   did   digital identity

Around 20+ companies and universities are forming the Blockchain Alliance France 🇫🇷

Thanks to the Blockchain Alliance France, France will be able to have a blockchain network supported by an ecosystem of major pioneering industrial players in the sector...

Altme wallet   usine digital   verifiable credentials  web3   self sovereign identity   decentralized identity   ebsi   ssi   did   digital identity

Orange, Suez, and LaPoste are participating in the creation of the Blockchain Alliance France.

Several major French industrial companies, universities, and blockchain startups have come together to launch the ABF !

Download the Altme Wallet now !

Get your verifiable diploma

Gain digital control of your educational credentials, reduce verification costs and improve trust with EBSI. 

  • Ebsi european blockchain altme wallet business verify users crypto verifiable credentials web3 self sovereign identity  decentralized identity digital identity

    Verifiable diploma in Europe

    The European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) provides reliable verifiable credentials (diploma, identity...) in Europe. 

    The Altme wallet is conformant with EBSI's requirements and is already allowing students to get their e-diploma !

Why claim your diploma in this new secure format ?

Let's discover all the advantages 👇

  • Your diploma, always with you 🪪

    Claim your diploma digitally to carry your achievements everywhere. Your records remain safe on your device.

  • Secure and privacy-preserving 🔐

    Verifiable credentials use encryption for top-notch security and high data protection.

  • Instantly verifiable ✅

    No more waiting for verification. The authenticity of a digital diploma is instantly verifiable, simplifying verification like never before.

  • Forgery-Resistant 🛡️

    Digital verifiable credentials are nearly impossible to forge. This inspires confidence and fosters trust in your credentials. Get ready for the future. 

  • Easy-to-share 📤

    Verifiable credentials are easy-to-share through links or QR codes, eliminating paper exchanges.

  • Accessible anytime 👌

    Access and share your verifiable credentials anytime, anywhere to seize opportunities swiftly.

  • Future-Proofing 🚀

    As technology evolves, digital credentials are becoming more prevalent everywhere. The future starts now !

  • Unlock Tezos benefits 🤩

    Leverage your diploma to get a unique NFT and get exclusive benefits in the Tezos ecosystem !

Get your student NFT now !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is this Tezos NFT collection ?

    To reward newly graduated European students who have claimed their diploma in the verifiable credential format (EBSI), Altme and the Tezos Foundation are offering a unique non-transferable NFT to each student ! Each NFT represents a unique proof of graduation and offers exclusive advantages, benefits and opportunities in the Tezos ecosystem.

  • Can I mint more than one NFT ?

    No, each student is eligible to mint only one NFT. This ensures that the collection remains limited and exclusive to European graduates only : 1 diploma = 1 NFT.

  • Are there any costs associated with minting the NFT?

    No, there are no transaction fees to mint this NFT. It's 100% free !

  • What advantages and benefits can I expect with the Tezos student NFT?

    These benefits may include discounts, cashbacks, exclusive NFT drops, perks, access to special events or opportunities, and more. Stay tuned for updates on the advantages provided by Tezos projects.

  • Can I transfer or sell this NFT?

    No, the Tezos student NFT is non-transferable and cannot be sold.

  • How can I mint my NFT ?

    1. Share your diploma credential from an EBSI-conformant wallet (such as: Altme wallet or other conformant wallets) to prove your graduation.

    2. Pair your preferred Tezos wallet such as: Altme wallet, Temple, Trust Wallet, Kukai… and mint !

  • Does this NFT contain personal data ?

    The Tezos student NFT does not disclose any personal information. It solely proves that a Tezos address is owned by an European graduate without revealing any private details.

  • What are Tezos projects that offer advantages and benefits?

    A growing number of Tezos projects will join this initiative and offer benefits to students. The list of projects, as well as the advantages offered by each project, will be disclosed soon.

  • Is the collection limited?

    Yes, the collection is limited in number for each university or school promotion. Once your diploma is available in this new verifiable credential format, it is recommended to mint your Tezos NFT as soon as possible to secure your benefits in the Tezos ecosystem.

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Take back full control over your data

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