and Altme collaborate to build the future of identity in the metaverse

published on 30 May 2023

The rapidly evolving landscape of metaverses and decentralized gaming presents exciting opportunities for innovation and user empowerment., the creator of the NFT-based game Tezotopia, and Altme, a leading platform offering Web3 identity solutions, have joined forces to revolutionize the gaming experience while preserving user control over their identities. Through their collaboration, and Altme are set to reshape the future of identity management in metaverses.

Altme partners with Tezotopia
Altme partners with Tezotopia

Tezotopia : a Web3 metaverse for NFT gamers

Tezotopia, developed by, is a dynamic Web3 real-time strategy gaming platform built on the Tezos network. The integration of Altme's technology into Tezotopia will enhance the player experience and open up new avenues for brand interactions within the metaverse. Players can immerse themselves in a futuristic virtual world and engage with brands while retaining full control over their identities.

Empowering player privacy with the Altme Self-Sovereign Identity wallet

Altme's wallet enables Tezotopia players to share their avatar identities and data while safeguarding their privacy. By utilizing the Altme DID wallet, players can prove their status as VIPs, existing customers, or individuals over 13 years old, without revealing personal data.

This privacy-centric approach empowers players to decide when, with whom, and under what conditions they share specific elements of their digital identities with brands or other players. It also allows players to leverage their in-game experiences to unlock benefits in other Web3 applications.

Brand engagement and loyalty programs with Altme’s Decentralized Identity (DID) wallet

The Altme wallet creates a seamless bridge between brands and gamers in Tezotopia. Brands can recruit gamers and develop tailored acquisition and loyalty programs while ensuring full respect for user privacy.

This empowers brands to leverage traditional tools such as ads, coupons, and loyalty cards within the metaverse. The metaverse-originated marketing campaigns can generate physical-world traffic without compromising personal data, offering a privacy-centric and immersive brand engagement experience.

Shaping the future of decentralized gaming and open metaverses

The collaboration between and Altme represents a significant leap forward in the development of decentralized gaming and open metaverses. Tezotopia serves as a prime example of a Web3 metaverse, offering players an immersive and secure gaming experience in the Tezos ecosystem.

The Altme wallet further enhance this experience by placing user privacy at the forefront of brand interactions. Together, and Altme are shaping the future of identity management, brand engagement, and decentralized gaming.


The partnership between and Altme signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of metaverses and decentralized gaming. With Tezotopia serving as the backdrop, players can enjoy a Web3 metaverse experience while retaining control over their identities. 

The Altme wallet provides the infrastructure for secure identity management and brand engagement within the metaverse. As and Altme continue to drive innovation, the future of decentralized gaming and open metaverses shines brighter than ever, offering users unparalleled opportunities for privacy, control, and immersive experiences.

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