Introducing the new version of Altme wallet : Multi-chain support, robust digital ID, DeFi compliance, and more!

published on 30 May 2023

We are excited to unveil Altme 1.15, the latest version of our self-sovereign digital wallet! This release brings groundbreaking features, including multi-chain support, integration with ID360 for robust remote KYC verification, verifiable proof of DeFi compliance, on-chain compliance NFTs, and beautiful new designs for verifiable credentials. Let's dive into the details of these exciting updates!

New version of the Altme DID wallet
New version of the Altme DID wallet

Altme's Decentralized Identity wallet goes multi-chain

Altme is now officially a multi-chain wallet, offering seamless management of digital assets such as coins and NFTs across various blockchains. Users can securely handle their favorite cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs on chains like Tezos, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom. This multi-chain support enables effortless exploration of the expanding Web3 ecosystem and seamless interaction with dApps through wallet connect and beacon open standards.

ID360 integration for remote KYC processes and robust verifiable ID credentials

Altme 1.15 incorporates ID360's identity verification solution, enhancing the built-in KYC process. This integration allows users to establish and verify their identities seamlessly. Altme users can now obtain one of the most robust verifiable ID credentials in the Web3 space, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and bolstering trust.

New proof of compliance for Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Altme 1.15 introduces a game-changing DeFi compliance verifiable credential. With this credential, users can instantly and easily demonstrate their regulatory compliance with KYC/AML and proof of majority regulations, granting them access to regulated and compliant DeFi protocols. This new DeFi compliance verifiable credential empowers users to participate securely in the decentralized finance ecosystem with peace of mind.

On-chain DeFi compliance NFTs for smart contracts and dApps

Altme 1.15 takes compliance verification to the next level with the introduction of on-chain compliance NFTs. Currently available on the BNB Chain and Tezos blockchain, these non-transferable NFTs serve as binary proof of compliance without exposing any personal user information. By minting these DeFi NFT compliance tokens in their Altme wallet, users can effortlessly showcase their adherence to DeFi regulations directly on the blockchain, ensuring utmost transparency and security.

New verifiable credential designs

Altme 1.15 also introduces fresh designs for verifiable credentials and an enhanced user interface, providing a seamless and intuitive experience when presenting these credentials. From verifiable IDs to proofs of age and ownership of blockchain addresses, Altme ensures that users' verifiable credentials are presented in a user-friendly manner.


Altme 1.15 marks a significant leap forward in self-sovereign digital wallets for Web3 decentralized identity and asset management. With its multi-chain support, ID360 integration for remote KYC verification, DeFi compliance verifiable credentials, and on-chain compliance NFTs, Altme's decentralized identity wallet empowers users to take full control of their digital lives in a user-centric manner.

Experience the future of decentralized identity and asset management with Altme 1.15 (available on iOS and Google play stores).

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